Application of synchronous electric machines on WELMA permanent magnets is especially actual for solution of mission critical industrial and defence tasks.


Turboelectrocompressor equipped with WELMA high-speed electric machine (HSEM) is characterized by high capacity, efficiency and capability for adjustment of product parameters in a broad range. Turbocompressors with WELMA HSEM are used: in chemical and petrochemical industry, gas transportation and compression; at water treatment plants at the stages of filtration, ozonation, oxygenation; on thermal power stations to clean coal dust and fuel gas; in cryogenic machinery as part of ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Permanent magnet drives

WELMA permanent magnet drives are extremely powerful and mainly used in those areas where frequency control or control with variable frequency is required. Thanks to ERGA innovative solutions in the field of magnets and variable frequency drive technology along with the use of bipolar transistors with insulated gate and thyristors with full gate control we can manufacture drives with power from 5 to 300 kW.


Turboblowers with synchronous permanent magnet motor and contactless foil bearings with oil-free system are applied: - in wastewater treatment plants: wastewater aeration and water treatment systems - in food, chemical, oil and gas, cement, metallurgical industries: in vacuum systems and pneumatic conveying of powdered materials - in mining: ore flotation - in thermal power plants: desulfurization of gases and for other numerous applications.

Microturbine units

The current priority of decentralized power supply is based on the development of small distributed power generation systems. For power generation in microturbine units ERGA produces customized WELMA high-speed electric machines on permanent magnets that work both in the engine (starter) and generator (main) modes.

быстроходный генератор на постоянных магнитах устройство генераторов постоянных магнитах